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Gakuen Alice Fanfiction Community
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shouhaku [userpic]

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Gakuen Alice Furoku Stationary Set

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Gakuen Alice Magnet RARE


If you could spend a week taking photos in any city in the world, which city would you choose, and why?

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beavermeadows [userpic]

 Hi there! This is my latest fanfiction. Hope you`ll give this a shot.

(the picture above is not related to the story)

Title: Blood Contract 
Pairings: Natsume x Mikan, Hotaru x Ruka (slight).
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Summary: There`s a new student in Mikan`s class. He`s Natsume Hyuuga. With seductive crimson eyes and impossibly gorgeous who wouldn`t be attracted? When Mikan came across Natsume a contract was made. What is this contract exactly?Please read to find out.


Please read and give this a shot. I assure you that you`ll like this one. Thanks! More power to this community :))
my pen name in fanfic: beavermeadowsbev

cindy11326 [userpic]

The Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards (GARCA) has officially started on FanFiction.

Host: Romantically Loveless
Nominations end on December 25th

Dr. Nguyen [userpic]

Hi, I'm sho-chan. I just finished writing my first chapter of a GA fanfic. I thought I would post right now while introducing myself. I am not sure if the community is still dead, but I would like it if it was revived again.

Friendship, Romance
Summary: She was coming up, but fell down and had been shut out of it. She was thrown into a world that was full of nonsense, but she goes along with it. But her feelings about what is happening, is a lie on her face.
Title: Sensitivity to Love
It is rated for T as in Teen on Fanfiction.net, and that this is a year before Mikan is introduced into the story.

Be sure to leave a comment or a review on either on this post or at Fanfiction.net!

I've been writing some Mikan/Hotaru fic lately, Here's a set of 4, unrelated.

Author: nomadskye
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Status: One-shots, complete
Warnings: Shoujo Ai, though that shouldn't bother fans of this show. ;)

( Foolish Longing )

( Blowing Bubbles )

( Pretty Distraction )

( I'll Leave You With Memories )

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sakura147 [userpic]

Cool! A Gakuen Alice Community! Hello everyone!

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kam [userpic]

This community has now been officially OPENED! Let the flood of fanfiction works through!

Info @ http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=gakuenalice_fic

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