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gakuenalice_fic's Journal

Gakuen Alice Fanfiction Community
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Gakuen Alice Fanfiction Community
A community for posting, commenting and recc'ing works of fanfiction for the Gakuen ALiceseries.

.:: Community Rules ::.

.:: NO FLAMING. NO BASHING. Harassment of community members *for whatever reason or circumstance* is not allowed. If you do not like the pairing, the character, the genre, the style or the writer, please refrain from throwing something hurtful. When and if a flame is able to sneak its way in, that post or comment shall be immediately deleted and the author be banned.

.:: FANFICTION-RELATED POSTS only are allowed in this community. There is a place for the discussion of the anime and other fan-related stuff here at LJ, alice_gakuen. It's not necessary to make an introduction about yourself. It's encouraged to let your pieces speak for themselves.

.:: USE AN LJ-CUT when posting if it's directly under the post; otherwise, a link would do just fine. We wouldn't want to clutter peoples' friends content pages with long works of fiction right?

.:: NO WORD-LENGTH RESTRICTION. So feel free to post even if it's just a drabble of 100 words, or a budding novela, I'm sure the readers of this fandom would appreciate them!

.:: ALL RATINGS, GENRES & PAIRINGS ALLOWED. Fanfiction.net and MediaMiner.org have got slight variations to their rating systems, but either would do just fine. Make sure to mark it on your fics when you post. The community welcomes all gen, het, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai and shoujo ai pairings in their works - because I cannot deny the fact that inspite of all the cuteness, some of these types of fiction might surface. Please learn to respect other people's opinions on this matter.

.:: GIVE DUE WARNINGS. Related to the previous rule: since there's a possibility for R ratings, and slash pairings, it would be very much appreciated if you give due warnings. As well as for any Spoiler that might be contained in the fic.

.:: Posting Guidelines ::.

.:: ALL fanfiction posts should follow this format. (Seriously, it makes the posts nicer and organized, won't you agree?)

Pairing/s (if applicable):

Simple, really, right? For any other inquiries, questions, suggestions, violent reactions, feel free to email the mod: damnhappyusagi@gmail.com

This community is run and maintained by a certain damngenkiusagi
Gakuen Alice / Alice Academy is Copyrighted to © Tachibana Higuchi · Hakusensha/Alice Academy Committee 2004 All Rights Reserved.